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Well here is blog number 2 (or 4 if you include blogs I contribute to at work). Inspired by Gareth Johnson at a meeting of the USTLG today. He mentioned using blogs for reflective practice and I thought this could be very useful to me.

I have been to many useful meetings and training sessions since starting in my role as subject librarian. These have often inspired new work practices, or given me new ideas to improve what I do. I take notes at all of these sessions. If I don’t use them straight away they are then sadly stuffed in a drawer never to be seen or made sense of again.

By writing a blog post about the meetings or training sessions I get the following benefits.

a) A record of training and meetings I have attended. That record will be in one place and hopefully won’t be lost or misplaced. This has the added benefit of being useful for staff reviews as well.

b) A coherent write up of the event. This has two benefits, 1) it is something that I can easily go back to and refer to my notes and thoughts of the day. 2) If relevant, I would have a write up that I could put forward to the internal library newsletter, benefitting other staff in the library.

c) A place to reflect on those meetings and what ideas they give me to use in my job. Unfortunately this is something I probably don’t do often enough after a training session or meeting. I try and put new ideas into action as soon as possible, but sometimes this doesn’t happen. Unfortunately this means that sometimes they can be forgotten .

d) A chance to communicate that meeting with a wider audience and have the ability to have further conversations after the meeting or training sessions.

So here it is a blog that probably won’t have too many posts, but one where I will be able to reflect on various training and meetings I attend. Most of it will probably relate to my work as a subject librarian. Hopefully those who read this will find it interesting and informative as well and can contribute to the posts I put up.


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