London LibTeachMeet coming soon

Having watched with envy at the LibTeachMeets going on around the country. A few weeks ago I put feelers out on the Librarian as Teachers network to gauge interest in a LibTeachMeet in London. Bolstered by replies, lots of help from the camlibtm team and Tom Roper also taking the plunge for Brighton, I think it is time to go for it and organise and London LibTeachMeet.

But what are LibTeachMeets I hear you ask. Well below is a description from Cambridge team

TeachMeet is a fun and informal way for librarians and information professionals to share new ideas.  We’re looking for speakers willing to give a 5-minute or 2-minute presentation about ‘techie tools and/or teaching tips’ , and for enthusiastic lurkers who are keen to learn something new, engage in discussion, and have a good time!

It’s absolutely 100% free to attend, and everyone is welcome. Whether you’re a librarian, an information ninja, a shambrarian, or something else; whether you’re the head of your organisation or a junior assistant; whether you work in a university, a school, a business, or elsewhere, we’re looking forward to seeing you.

If you want to speak, the only rules we have is that your presentation mustn’t be trying to sell us anything, and you must stick to the timeslot.  You can use whatever presentation format you want: including PowerPoint, keynote, prezi, slide rocket, 280 slides, you could just talk, show something from the web, hold up a poster or you could sing a song!

LibTeachMeets are going on all around the country, from Newcastle to Bournemouth, Cambridge to Oxford so I think it’s about time London got involved. We have wealth of of libraries in London from all kinds of sectors and probably all different kinds of teaching going on and it would be really good to find out about it.

So this post is a kind of heads up to let you know we’re planning one. Want to be part of the organising team? Get in touch though twitter #ldnlibtm or follow , or email or this blog, the more the merrier.

What are our plans so far:-

When: At the minute we are looking at mid-June, but let us know your preferences.

Where: a free venue (we want to keep this a free event). We have a couple of ideas but if you know a venue we can use for free then please get in touch.

Who: If you’re interested in attending, and presenting then get in touch, you can comment here, or tweet using #ldnlibtm,  or email me.

Want to keep up to date: Follow our twitter account, hoping we can have our first announcement soon of a new web page.