Lynne the Librarian (Thing 3 – CPD23)

Ox Didn't Like When Librarian Nancy Shushed Him by ShellyS on Flickr

Lynne the brand. I’d never really considered myself or my various internet presences as a brand or even really considered how my blogs and tweets represent me to the outside world.

I did like to think that I was fairly anonymous in my different guises on the Internet, but apparently not. A few months ago my twitter persona was ‘outed’ in lunchtime lecture at UCL, not only was my place of work easy to find out but also the fact that I am married to @orangeaurochs.

But what is my brand? A brand to my mind denotes something fake, a projected image that you want people to have and not the real person. Therefore I don’t like to think of myself as a brand, or it could be that I shy away from this idea of brand due to my ‘librarian nature’. Looking at it from another angle do we not all project a brand when we meet people for the first time in real life, are we truly ourselves when we first meet people? I would say probably not, there are elements of ourselves but we probably try to emphasize the good points (or what we think are good points) and hide all those bad habits we have. The internet does allow us to always hide those bad habits if we want to.

Visual brand
This is something I have not spent much time on. I appreciate why people have spent more time on this, but when I read tweets and blogs I’m doing it through another service, so I never see the cool background images on twitter or see a beautifully formatted blog. I try and keep my spaces quite simple and have never thought to theme them. From taking part in this I realise that people are spending far more time on this than I have and also are not using tools to check twitter and blogs and so will be encountering my blog and tweets directly so perhaps I need to think about that more. To my mind it is the content of the blog posts and tweets that keeps me interested. I am really enjoying reading Andrew’s blog and Katie’s blog and Helen Murphy’s post on current awareness was brilliant- do read it. It wasn’t the images and the format of the blog that makes me want to read those but what they had to say. Although many pictures of Alan Rickman can help.

Name used
Admittedly most of my online presence is cow related, more by accident than design. I like cows and to when I first created accounts I was quite keen on anonymity to went for cow related names. I still don’t tend to use my real name that often, however this is changing as I realise more and more people know who I am anyway.

Although I hate any photographs of me I do try and put actual photos of me on most of the tools I use. As my part of my job is liaison I feel it is fairly important that I don’t hide away behind another image but make sure people recognise me if they see me.

This is a constant dilemma for me, when I first started out Facebook was my personal online social network and Twitter was my professional online social network and it still remains that way really as 2 different groups of people have remained in each network. However the more I have engaged with the people on twitter, the more personal my tweets have become. I do worry that sometimes they are too personal and do try to refrain from inane tweets although I am sure they creep in now and again. I am quite happy with this balance as I like to think I am not defined by my job, I am not purely Lynne the Librarian but have other interests as well. I would also like to think that if any future employer googled me they would be glad to see that I am not only Lynne the Librarian. I don’t think I say or do anything particular contentious either. As I become more confident with twitter and the conversations taking place I’d like to think that I am contributing more to twitter rather than just receiving, but this is something I should do more of.

I will tweet from conferences and training I attend. Tweeting at conferences is an issue though, I want to amplify the event to those not there, but then so are 20 other people. It could perhaps be more  informative if I included my own reflections. I find this quite hard to do while I am taking in new information and really admire the people that can do this especially in 140 characters and with  intermittent Wifi.

Googling myself
So I went and googled myself, I was actually pretty pleased that the first item on Google linked to the work directory entry for me. I was slightly disappointed that LinkedIn was second, I do have a LinkedIn account but never go near it, mainly due to login problems and quite frankly I would delete it if a) I could login to do so and b) it wasn’t coming up in CPD23.

Next comes twitter and then slideshare entries, I have quite a few presentations and handouts on slideshare, mainly from induction sessions as I use slideshare to host slides and handouts on the web for the students. I wouldn’t rush to look at them, they are library induction slides and I doubt they meet any of the Wikiman’s recommendations.
In the few pages on google that I looked at neither blog came up which is to be expected with the my low publishing rate. Hopefully now I am all linked up again the blogs may creep up the listings.

There is also more than one Lynne Meehan, I wish I was the 62 year old runner based in the USA, but I’m not that fit at half her age.

All in all I am happy with the information available about me online, I don’t think there is anything I am too embarassed by.

From thinking about this post I have updated bits and pieces here and on twitter, unifying them and updating general information. But I’ll open this up to you, what do you think they say about me?


Meet the Neighbours (Thing 2 – CPD23)

I was looking forward to this Thing. My blog reading has decreased recently so I thought it would be excellent chance to get caught up with all the excellent blogs out there and find new blogs to read. Little did I realise what a daunting prospect it would be with over 600 blogs to choose from. So I was brutal and used the tags on the delicious list to cut down the number to just include UK HE libraries, even then the number is not small and I felt I could be missing out on excellent blogs just because they weren’t in my sector. I’ve resorted to using the RSS bundle in my Google reader as I find that the easiest way to read the blogs. Hopefully I can catch up on reading them on the commute in/out of work. I’ve added a few blogs that caught my eye to the blogroll here but admittedly there were no criteria for who I have or haven’t added and this list will be changing throughout the week as I catch up with everybody’s blogs.

As yet I haven’t commented on anyone’s blog which is very rude of me. The issue of comments is always a thorny one for me, both my work blogs and personal blogs rarely get any comments. Hence the feelings of shouting into a void and my questioning the usefulness of me blogging. However, I myself rarely comment on other blogs although I enjoy reading them. For that reason I am making it this week’s task to make sure I start commenting on other blogs instead of just following them.

CPD23: Thing 1

Here is the first post for a long time on my poor neglected blog. I think this signifies why I am taking part. A couple of years ago I was very conscientious and set up this blog as a means to record events I went to such as conferences and training, however it quickly fell by the wayside because of “more important things”. What those things were I will never remember, but it is sad to realise so many events have gone unrecorded.

I am also using it as a chance to reflect on why I want to blog, I think this is a more important question. Do I have anything interesting to say, or do I shout into the emptiness? I suppose I will find out at the end.

I like to think I am quite up to date with tools and resources for professional development, but I think CPD23 will provide an opportunity to reflect on the tools I use and whether I am making the best use of them. I know I will also find out about 1 or 2 new tools as I go along. Plus a great chance to catch up with other CPD23 participants and find out their perspectives on the various tools.

Choice of platform
For CPD23 I have stuck with my wordpress Librarycow library reflections blog. I had a quick look at the other platforms but to be honest I like WordPress, I have most of the idiosyncrasies worked out and for me CPD23 was more about kickstarting my blog and my professional development than the mechanics of blogging.

About me
I am a subject librarian for Science and Engineering. I’m probably considered an “old professional” having qualified many moons ago. However, I am vaguely aware that career aspirations are coming more to the fore of my consciousness than they have been recently. I am also halfway through a PGcert in adult learning and professional development. Luckily I have a summer break so have some spare time to take part in CPD23

And now for Thing 2, I’m looking forward to finding new blogs.