CPD23: Thing 1

Here is the first post for a long time on my poor neglected blog. I think this signifies why I am taking part. A couple of years ago I was very conscientious and set up this blog as a means to record events I went to such as conferences and training, however it quickly fell by the wayside because of “more important things”. What those things were I will never remember, but it is sad to realise so many events have gone unrecorded.

I am also using it as a chance to reflect on why I want to blog, I think this is a more important question. Do I have anything interesting to say, or do I shout into the emptiness? I suppose I will find out at the end.

I like to think I am quite up to date with tools and resources for professional development, but I think CPD23 will provide an opportunity to reflect on the tools I use and whether I am making the best use of them. I know I will also find out about 1 or 2 new tools as I go along. Plus a great chance to catch up with other CPD23 participants and find out their perspectives on the various tools.

Choice of platform
For CPD23 I have stuck with my wordpress Librarycow library reflections blog. I had a quick look at the other platforms but to be honest I like WordPress, I have most of the idiosyncrasies worked out and for me CPD23 was more about kickstarting my blog and my professional development than the mechanics of blogging.

About me
I am a subject librarian for Science and Engineering. I’m probably considered an “old professional” having qualified many moons ago. However, I am vaguely aware that career aspirations are coming more to the fore of my consciousness than they have been recently. I am also halfway through a PGcert in adult learning and professional development. Luckily I have a summer break so have some spare time to take part in CPD23

And now for Thing 2, I’m looking forward to finding new blogs.


About Lynne Meehan
Librarian interested in teaching, infolit, ux and open access. Also Mum, knitter, baker, walker and very amateur photographer. I may also like cows.

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