Meet the Neighbours (Thing 2 – CPD23)

I was looking forward to this Thing. My blog reading has decreased recently so I thought it would be excellent chance to get caught up with all the excellent blogs out there and find new blogs to read. Little did I realise what a daunting prospect it would be with over 600 blogs to choose from. So I was brutal and used the tags on the delicious list to cut down the number to just include UK HE libraries, even then the number is not small and I felt I could be missing out on excellent blogs just because they weren’t in my sector. I’ve resorted to using the RSS bundle in my Google reader as I find that the easiest way to read the blogs. Hopefully I can catch up on reading them on the commute in/out of work. I’ve added a few blogs that caught my eye to the blogroll here but admittedly there were no criteria for who I have or haven’t added and this list will be changing throughout the week as I catch up with everybody’s blogs.

As yet I haven’t commented on anyone’s blog which is very rude of me. The issue of comments is always a thorny one for me, both my work blogs and personal blogs rarely get any comments. Hence the feelings of shouting into a void and my questioning the usefulness of me blogging. However, I myself rarely comment on other blogs although I enjoy reading them. For that reason I am making it this week’s task to make sure I start commenting on other blogs instead of just following them.


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3 Responses to Meet the Neighbours (Thing 2 – CPD23)

  1. Hello! I must confess that I didn’t even know that you had a blog until I saw the blog title on the participant list and thought it sounded like a title you’d pick! Have you considered putting the blog URL in the web field on your Twitter profile? That might encourage more people over here, as will tweeting about posts (it’s the major source of traffice for most of my posts). And sometimes just asking people to give their opinions will suddenly encourage interaction! I promise to go back and look at other posts of yours soon, and see if I have anything to add.


    • librarycow says:

      Hi Katie,

      This blog has been very quiet for a while now so I am not surprised you didn’t find it. You have jumped ahead of me and my branding post. My twitter profile is in desperate need of updating so I will be adding links in later. Also I had vaguely hoped that the blog was already linked to twitter but having waited all afternoon I am presuming not. I need to dig around the linking software I use to link twitter and blogs up to see where the missing link is. CPD23 already proving useful in making me update all my online accounts

  2. Andrew says:

    I’m not using the RSS bundle yet – I’ve got my favourites in Google Reader so far. But I’ll probably resort to just bundling everything in there so I don’t miss anything. I don’t mind the square eyes that’ll come from it.

    And I know what you mean about comments. I think I’m going to start setting myself weekly targets for how many comments I leave, just to push me into being a little more vocal.

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