It’s good to tweet, or Thing 6 – Online Networks

In the great post catch-up day we arrive at Thing 6 online networks. So below I’ve outlined the various online networks I am part of (or not) and what I get out of them.

Twitter is my main network and I’ve already talked about how I use it and what I get out of it in my Thing 4 post.So I won’t bore you with more about it.

Facebook – I have a confession to make, I have deleted my facebook account and to be honest what a relief. I had kept my facebook fairly personal, friends from school, uni and Mum’s groups, not many (if any) library people were on it. Unfortunately for me facebook became a place for people to shout their latests triumphs or disasters to whoever would listen. If these updates had been brought up in conversation it probably wouldn’t seem so much like announcements but because they are “proclaimed” on facebook it just seemed like lots of people bragging about how brilliant they and their lives were. Also I disliked the fakeness of “friends”, often these were people you had barely met, yet they divulged all the details of their lives. To me facebook isn’t the backyard BBQ but a soapbox in Speakers Corner with people shouting to whoever will listen. So far I haven’t missed it and I do seem to have a lot more time on my hands.

LAT network – I joined this nework last year. It inspired me to apply for the PGcert course, which I am not sure I would have done without this network. Unfortunately I don’t spend a lot of time here, certainly not as much as I should. I think this is because I have to remember to go and look at it, which is a shame as it was useful and still could be.

LinkedIn – This network seems to be a bit like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. From taking part in CPD23 I have updated my LinkedIn profile, but as yet still haven’t really participated or even read the “conversations” that are happening. Even LinkedIn isn’t impressed by my lack of participation having decreased my email notifications itself. There is of course the obvious reason for my lack of participation, which is the reason I gave above for LATnetwork, of it being yet another place to go. Also maybe because LinkedIn is the “office” and there is no room for the bbq chat, whereas twitter allows both.

So finally to the newest network on the block, Google+. I have joined Google+ and have added a few people to circles, although not many. Also so far my circles still seem to be librarians and not other groups of friends, so not making great use of the circles. I still haven’t posted to it and don’t check it everyday. I really like the idea of circles and how you can post to various circles and they may or may not see each other. It does seem to have taken the good parts of twitter and facebook and merged them together. It will be interesting to see if it can replace or compete with Twitter and facebook.  I do think it is too early to condemn it and quite happy to give it a try. A thought provoking post on Google+ is below.

Beth’s Blog – Are You Going To Adopt Google+ for Professional Learning/Networking? Why or Why Not?

And possibly a lot of people’s reactions to Google+ by xkcd




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