Never forget (Thing 8 – CPD23)

“We’ve come so far and we’ve reached so far
And we’ve looked each day and night in the eye
And we’re still so young and we hope for more”
Take That “Never Forget”

Ahh how could we forget Take That! Sorry I digress back to business. I use Google Calender a lot, especially now I can access it via my phone. Everything goes into my Google calendar, even reminders to go home to pick up children from school. I have several different calendars in Google calendar including a work, home, children and PGcert course, all colour coded for the different appointments, meetings, classes and parties that get added to it. I find it very useful, especially when it reminded me to get a birthday card on the way home last week. I have added extra features to my Calendar such as a countdown to my next meeting (shown on the top left) which lets me  see easily how much time I have left so I can fit in an appropriate task in the time remaining. Here’s a little snap shot of my calendar this week.

I used to also use it for all my tasks, but I tend to use remember the milk now as it allows me to put more detail into the tasks I add, which is great for longer term projects.

My own calendar isn’t public, although I do share certain calendars with certain groups of people. To be honest there isn’t a need to make the calendar public as it isn’t used in that way. I would love to use Google Calendar more at work to advertise office hours or training I am giving, perhaps one day.

At work we currently have Oracle calendar which is always a faff to use remotely. After much bleeping at my computer I found a way to sync my oracle calendar to my Google calendar. I do have to resync every week to stay up to date, but this is great for a Sunday night when you want to check if you can have a small lie in on Monday morning or really do need to rush to work. This may all change when we move to Outlook in a couple of weeks. I already love the fact that you can attach a task to an email and remind yourself to follow up emails, so I can see that I may move to Outlook in the future.


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