Phew – are we nearly there yet? (CPD Thing 12)

Portrait of an articulated skeleton on a bentwood chair

Portrait of an articulated skeleton on a bentwood chair from the Powerhouse Museum Colletion

Well I have found that  keeping up to date with this has been harder than I thought, especially considering it is taking place over the summer.

I hope my ramblings so far have made some sense and if I do manage the miraculous feat of catching up with writing my own posts, I’m looking forward to exploring all those new blogs I’ve still to look at, not easy with so many participants. I have found some great blogs so far and really enjoy reading them. I’ve also met some lovely new tweeps – Hello (waving from afar). There have been lots of thought provoking posts which have made writing my own that much harder.

Social media has helped me contact people I wouldn’t have found through other routes. It has also made it so much easier to talk to people at events. There was so many people that I met at LILAC that I knew through twitter and it made it so much easier for those initial conversations. Also when I attended the East of England meet up, it felt a bit like you were meeting old friends despite the fact you had never actually met in real life. A bonus for an awkward old wallflower like me.

Professionally I would say I am far more aware of what is going on in my fields of interest. It has also opened the doors to people I wouldn’t have dreamed of talking to before. I’ve found some of the tools mentioned so far invaluable for making me more organised and they have made me think about work flows and how efficient they are.

There are some tools (Pushnote) and networks (LinkedIn) I am still failing to get to grips with, I feel that I should really like LinkedIn but I just don’t.

I do think librarians are particularly good at creating communities and not sure how I would cope without my twitter network to keep me company through the good and bad times. It is one of those things where you do wonder what you did before it came along.

Having said that there does seem to be a librarian exodus from Google+ this week. There is something creepy about Google+. Although I know most the people that have added me to a circle I don’t know everyone and I don’t know why they have added me to a circle and somehow having strangers do that on Google+ is more creepy than a new person following you on twitter. It somehow feels more personal on Google+ so I want less unknown people following me. I don’t understand why but that is the way I feel. I also don’t really go into Google+ and when I do I am surprised it has posts in it. At the moment I will stick with it but for how long I’m not sure.


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