Additional to Thing 6 – CPD23

As a little extra to thing 6 I thought I would introduce you to some online networks that I use for other activities in my life.

Unfortunately this may now add to the librarian  stereotype as neatly demonstrated by Ned Porters infographic below.

Image from Flickr: The great Librarian Steroetypometer - thewikiman

I have also been known to have the occasional gin.

THE network for knitters. My use of it is fairly limited, I mainly go for the thousands of patterns that are available there rather than joining in with all the forums. I have linked up with some librarian knitters on there and it is great to share what knitting projects we are busy with. There are many many forums, from local networks which are great for finding wool shops to knitting groups for those that like cows. When I joined I had to apply for membership, which I don’t think is the case now, it’s free to join, if you are a knitter I would encourage you to give it a go, just for the free patterns if nothing else.

Stitching fingers
This is a group set up on ning. A couple of years ago, I used this a lot, joining individual groups, taking part in exchanges, but then knitting took over my life and I don’t spend as much time there, although I am still signed up to email alerts to keep in touch.

A network for photography. I joined this a few months ago. The idea behind it is to take a picture a day as a kind of diary. People can comment on each others photos and subscribe to your journal, and this is how you’re  network builds. It isn’t about being an amazing photographer although there are some amazing photographers on there, but about what you capture on that day. I’ve not quite managed a photo a day, but have already managed to reach my 200th blip. It also links up to your Twitter account as some of you may have seen. Here’s a link to my journal and what I have been upto the last few months.

So after demonstrating my librarian credentials I shall don my bun and sensible shoes and bid you adieu with a picture of my favourite librarian.


I'm a Librarian


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Librarian interested in teaching, infolit, ux and open access. Also Mum, knitter, baker, walker and very amateur photographer. I may also like cows.

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