Speak up – I can’t hear you (Thing 16 – CPD23)

When I first saw that we would be covering this I did feel a little uncomfortable about it. There was a lot of debate generated and I felt unwilling to post anything as I would be admitting that I’m not marching with banners and defending my local library. I’ll apologise now to those that are and are spending a vast amount of time defending our public libraries, I think it’s amazing that you are. I do feel guilty for not doing more, especially considering the sterling work put in by others, but also know that I have a lot of other commitments that are also important to me and wouldn’t have time or energy that the campaign deserves.

However the more I thought about it, the more I realised that I do advocate for libraries, especially the library I work in every day and I think I’m doing a damn good job of it. I advocate to students  by going that extra step to help them. I advocate to staff which, if I judge it by how much teaching I am now doing,  has worked extremely well this year. I am also far more involved with my departments and the academics in them.

So although I may not be marching on the front line, I know that I have increased awareness of the library in my own institution, and that the students and staff I talk to appreciate the various services the library provides. And I will continue to do this, day in, day out.

As for getting published, not likely to happen this year, but very tempted by the LIRG/CILIP London Writing for Publication event happening in January, although if I want to go I better get signed up as there seems to be lots of interest in it.


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