Attending, presenting at and organising seminars, conferences and other events (Thing 15 – CPD23)

This was quite a pertinent post for me as I tried to get more involved this year.

Attending events

I attended my first big conference this year y going to LILAC. I would fully recommend going to LILAC, I really enjoyed it, the sessions were really good, I took loads of things back to my workplace and came back to work full of ideas. I kept better notes than I usually do and created a vague action plan of how I could utilize the new ideas I had, so although it may take me sometime to implement them all, they are still there and on a slightly too large to do list.

Organising events

Inspired by the Cambridge LibTeachMeet team, I organised my first library event this year, organising a London LibTeachMeet. Things I took away from this,

a) you need people, the more people you can get to help, the better.

b)Librarians like talking and meeting up with each other. They also like exchanging ideas and sharing practice. We should do this more often.

c) You can hold events for free. We were lucky that we were sponsored by Information Literacy group so could provide refreshments for those attending, but…

d) Librarians like cake, both baking and eating. Although refreshments were provided there was also an assortment of cakes that willing volunteers had baked

e)Librarians are amazingly innovative and come up with really cool ideas.

f) Librarians really really really do like talking and if I arrange another one I will include more time for people to talk to each other as I think that’s when we get to really share ideas.

Speaking at events

This is something I haven’t done and am starting to feel as though I should. However I have that whole”what on earth would I talk about” feeling. I go to conferences and meetings and hear about all the projects that others are involved in and think, well I don’t do anything as interesting as everyone else. However I probably am doing interesting things, but because I see it as part of my 9-5, I can’t believe other people want to hear about it. I really wanted to submit a paper for LILAC 2012 but there is just too much on at the moment so I missed the deadline. Maybe I should make 2012 the year I start submitting papers for conferences.


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