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This will be the super speedy post. I tried Prezi and I didn’t like it. I know it’s the hip thing to do, but maybe my age is beginning to tell, or perhaps I have just seen some really bad ones, but there was way too much zooming around (I do get travel sick rather easily). Having said that, just in the last few weeks I have seen some really good Prezi’s, which are making me rethink my position. However this also relies on me having enough design talent to get the most out of Prezi and I’m not sure I have that either.

What Prezi has done is open my eyes to new ways of presenting information. Prezi has made more visually aware of how I present my information. I still use powerpoint (well actually Google docs) but I try very hard to make it more visual and  steer clear of the dreaded bullet points. Although I do wonder if we can get too hung up on the technology delivering the content at the expense of the content itself. Also Prezi’s can only do so much, but it is ourselves, delivering the content, that perhaps can make the biggest impact.

I do have two presentations to deliver next week which does give me an ideal opportunity to try Prezi again and time-permitting I will. If I manage to create one I will put it up here and would appreciate any feedback that anyone can give.


I used this extensively for my first two years delivering skills training. It was a way to provide access to slides and handouts that wasn’t available on the library website or virtual learning environment. It was interesting to see the amount of views and downloads, although part of me did wonder who was viewing and downloading the slides, as what I had on slideshare was quite specific.

I also found it good for finding presentations on areas I hadn’t delivered training on before to give me ideas on what I could do.

However I haven’t spent time on Slideshare this year, either uploading or looking. This is mainly to do with time, I felt as though I had barely enough time to prepare the sessions, never mind the uploading of them to slideshare (admittedly it doesn’t take long to upload one document but when you have 2-3 per session, then multiple that by the number of sessions I have run so far this year, time was a consideration). Also the upload process was quite faffy, sometimes documents wouldn’t upload and it would take a few goes to get there. As for looking for new ideas, I feel more confident in the sessions I deliver now and most of them are repeating previous sessions so I am familiar with the topics. What I really should do is make sure I take down the old slides and handouts, especially as it is very likely that some information will be out of date.

As for putting up my CV, I can see why some people do, but who, in the sector I work in, goes to slideshare to look at CV’s, so I don’t think I will be putting my CV up.




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