Catch me if you can (Thing 19 – CPD23)

Although it is more I’ll catch you if I can as I am so far behind on CPD23. This post is about the bits and pieces I am using and finding useful since CPD23 started. The main Tool I have picked up is Evernote. I really like this, especially as I now also use it for something beyond knitting patterns. With a new bit of software called Ifttt I now have my favourite tweets going into Evernote automatically. Which is great for me as I tend to favourite tweets that have links in so that I can read them later. Of course the question is, do I read later? Well sometimes I do, sometimes I realise that I don’t want to read the link after all and that is fine as I haven’t wasted any time, but for those I do want to follow up I can read it and keep the note so have a permanent link to the URL.

One thing I do want to do it tidy up my bookmarking. Delicious seems to have settled down for a bit and I know lots of people have left due to all the changes but I still find it quite useful so will stick with it for now. However I do need to go through and make sure all those bookmarks are still valid. Another Project 2012 job?

These 2012 jobs are building up, at least it will be an interesting year.

Professional Development wise, CPD23 came up at a good time for me. I’d already started reflective thinking through starting my PGcert but this program has made sure that I continue to reflect on my practice. Also the more I do it, the more it becomes embedded and second nature to me. Another area that this program has highlighted is to be not only be far more aware of what I am writing and saying, but also be far more aware of the wider library sector outside of my little section. This is something which over the years I have neglected so it’s good to be reminded of it.

Finally, looking at the last few posts I really need to think more about images for my posts as they are looking a bit bland. I hastily found an image for this post at least. Visual imagery isn’t my strong point however.


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