Promote yourself (Thing 21-CPD23)

Librarian Lynne during training

What do I like to do

I like training and helping people, especially the buzz you get from a good training session. I also like staying up to date with technology and with research into information skills. I’m normally a give it a go person as well. In my free time I like knitting and logic puzzles (probably explains why I like being able to track down hard to find items). Both of these probably lend themselves to working with the detail which I also get to do in my current role.
A CV database is a good idea. When I started in my current post I had a handover file which went through procedures, contacts etc. During my time in post I have edited and added to this basic document. It’s not that I expect to be given the boot at any time soon, but I think a document like this is still useful to me in my post as it provides guidance on what I am currently doing, notes new directions that my post has taken and indicates any areas that I may need to spend more time on. The same is true of my CV, which has been sadly neglected recently. I think it’s time to create a skills database.
I weirdly haven’t had that many interviews. The advice given in the post does ring true though, the interview should be for you as well, so if you aren’t gelling with the interview panel it may be best not to work there. I also liked the CAR advice, in the interviews I’ve had where I didn’t get the job it was because I had forgotten that basic piece of advice, so would urge anyone applying for a job to think of this. Also preparation is the key, know the workplace your applying to, know your own skills and experience and think ahead of the questions you may be asked.


About Lynne Meehan
Librarian interested in teaching, infolit, ux and open access. Also Mum, knitter, baker, walker and very amateur photographer. I may also like cows.

2 Responses to Promote yourself (Thing 21-CPD23)

  1. Timothy says:

    What’s the CAR advice?

    Funnily enough I was talking about ‘promoting yourself’ at a recent library training session for staff – but there I was thinking more along the lines of taking every opportunity you can find to tout yourself about the workplace (or further afield) by contributing things to inhouse newsletters, or offering to run workshops on something you know even a little about, or speaking up at meetings/conferences wherever possible.

    • Lynne Meehan says:

      Hi, It stands for Context. Action. Results, best explained on the CPD23 blog post “Start by describing the context, i.e. the situation you were in. Then highlight the action(s) you took to address the issue. Finally, explain the results, also specifying what you learnt in the process and, in case, what you would do differently in the future.”

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