The long and winding road (Thing 20 – Library routes)

I talked about my route into Librarianship in post 10 so I won’t rehash here, especially as my route was quite some time ago and a lot has changed since then. What I have noticed is that routes into librarianship vary greatly and it is interesting to see how people came into librarianship.


I find the Library day in the life project interesting, just to see how different each others days are. However, I do find myself less inclined to take part in the project as time goes on. We will be up to round 8 in January and I find myself wondering  if our posts ever do escape the “echo chamber” or do they even present librarians in the best light. I find it far more interesting to follow people on Twitter, I can find out what people are up to on a daily basis and this can lead to great information and lots of sharing that happens all the time, not just a certain time of year. You also get to hear about the fun stuff that doesn’t necessarily happen during the Library day in the life project.

Perhaps this is my jaded, cynical side coming out. Can anyone persuade me otherwise?


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