Video killed the radio star (Thing 18 – CPD23)

Unfortunately this is a Thing that I cannot try due to limitations on software and what I can download at the moment. It is something I have been interested in for a while but has always fallen to the bottom of the pile. However I have recently discovered that we have a very nifty bit of software at work, Lecturecast, so I am trying to negotiate access to that, which means I should be able to at least do some screencasting in the future. I think using this software we can add to the growing list of web tutorials, guides and handouts that supplement our training sessions. It’s always interesting to find new ways of presenting training material to people, I wonder if there have been any studies on the effectiveness of these, perhaps comparing different ways of presenting material to see which is more effective. Would certainly be interesting to find out before spending time creating them. Does anyone know of any studies looking at this? Although perhaps providing multiple ways to present material is good as addresses different needs of individuals.
Roll on 2012 and having the time to do this. At least I now have a fantastic list of podcasting and screencasting software to look at it when I can investigate this further.

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