Final Thoughts (Thing 23 – CPD23)

My 6 word summaries

Keep learning, keep trying, keep reflecting

Learn new “Things”, meet new people

What has CPD23 done for me?

I’ve met some fab people both online and offline. Through going to the Cambridge meet up I realised that there is a supportive network nearly on my doorstep. Plus through CPD23 I found even more people to follow on Twitter.

I have discovered that I really am not good at writing, I have found writing the posts difficult and not a natural process to me. This has been especially brought home to me by the excellent posts written by others that I’ve read during the CPD23 program.

It takes time to stay up to date. Even with a guided program like this, taking time out to try things and then write about them has been a considerable commitment but an important one to make. Hopefully I can maintain this effort and I certainly hope to keep records of what I do on this blog, from conferences I attend to interesting papers I read.

What’s next

I’d like to spend some trying some of the “Things” that I didn’t have a chance to try properly. My 2012 projects from this program are :- screencasting, sorting out my bookmarks, creating my CV database and improving my general web presence.

I think I also have to continue writing on my blog, with the hope that continuous effort improves my writing.

Huge thanks to everybody who organised this program for us all.

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